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We understand that weight loss can be difficult

You are not alone in that struggle. Our experienced dietitians are here to give you expert nutritional advice and support you on your weight loss journey.

Motivation is a common obstacle to weight loss. If this applies to you, sign up to our weight loss programs and we will coach you to reach and stay at your target weight. 

Coaching enhances your chances of success because we consistently give you the advice you need and keep you motivated. Researchers have shown that coaching can improve meaningful weight loss by up to 25%.

Effective advice and support to get meaningful improvements

Look good and feel good.


Our clients have achieved between 3 to 5 kilograms of weight loss per month. Your weight loss success can lead to improvements in your overall health.


Also seek our advice about other nutrition-related health conditions you may have. Our dietitians are experienced in alleviating the symptoms caused by these nutrition-related health conditions, while they work with you to identify and resolve the problem entirely.


Looking for something cost effective and convenient

For those with private health insurance, we provide you with on the spot rebate and we accept Medicare (Enhanced Primary Care) claims. Our dietitians are also accredited to treat patients eligible for the DVA and NDIS.

Our programs are proven and effective and they are provided to you in the most convenient way possible. No referrals are required and everything can be arranged through our app. Don’t have any of the usual difficulties or inconveniences people have finding and getting advice from the experts.

Dietitian Consultations

How many times have you heard about the importance of improving your health through nutrition? All of our clients receive evidenced-based, individualised strategies and tools, to improve digestion, blood results, and overall health & wellbeing in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

  • Nutrition that helps with 

    • high cholesterol

    • obesity

    • high blood pressure

    • type 2 diabetes

    • inflammatory conditions

    • improved immunity

    • gut health

    • osteoporosis

    • sports performance

  • Phone and Video consultations through LEAN Nutrition Tech App

  • Live dietitian chat through app

Weight Loss Programs

Get your fully customised program expertly designed by LEAN Dietitians. You tell us, we develop your program specifically to your needs and lifestyle!

  • Custom meal plans

  • Nutrition lifestyle coaching calls (15-20 mins) for motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals

  • Ability to mix & match your meals and snacks

  • 3 different weight loss methods to choose from

  • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options

  • Recipe sheets

  • Shopping list

  • Instruction guide

  • ​Dietitian instruction video​

  • Food intolerances and dislikes considered

  • Convenience and cooking abilities factored in

  • Live dietitian chat through app

Connect with your Dietitian

The Digital Dietitians by LEAN App connects you with your dietitian wherever you are. 

Easy access to nutrition support at your fingertips!

You tell us, we develop specific to your needs and lifestyle!

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